Party Time

Consignment is a great way to throw an environmentally friendly birthday party!

Recently, Conshy Consignment helped host my 16th birthday party by supplying all kinds of things a party needs. Conshy Consignment furnished the garden party and adorned it with some great linens from local consignment shop Snyder’s Second Chances!

Most important to an eco conscious gathering however, were dishes and silverware that wouldn’t need to be thrown away at the end of the night. All glasses were reusable and were marked with a handwritten tag that had the guests name on it, avoiding confusion and waste all in one! These reuseable jelly jar glasses doubled as favors that guests were able to fill from our candy dessert bar.

Dishes were all china, and were washed and reconsigned afterwards! By using items from Conshy Consignment, we were able to eliminate all plastic waste! Not only that, but the lack of disposables made the party look that much more beautiful.

-Emma Broggi

Conshy Consignment