Vintage Sleepwear to Modern Daywear

Long gone are the days of cinched waists and hoop skirts. And yet, fashion can still be uncomfortable and cumbersome at times. In many ways, you may end up having to choose function and comfort over fashion. But no more! As seen everywhere from Vogue to your favorite movies, one of the newest trends in fashion combines the best of every world: Fashion, comfort, and accessibility.

and this trend is… Vintage sleepwear?

Vintage sleepwear, from nightgowns to silk pants, harnesses some of the most beautiful aspects we bring to modern fashion; Delicate lace, ease, and attention to detail all shine through. So, what is it that takes these most desirable qualities and modernizes them? Its the styling! Through modern accessories and tasteful styling, its easy to repurpose nightwear to beautiful and trendy daywear.

Want to check out some styling ideas and find out how to repurpose your PJs? Check out our Instagram @conshyconsignment and have a look at all the style (and comfort!) this trend is ready to offer to you. Don’t have vintage PJs of your own! That’s okay! We’ve got you covered! Our online store has everything you need to hop on this cozy new trend.

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