Ken’s Corner Goes Farmhouse Style with Chicken Wire

Here we have our newest project all set for its transformation. Our goal is to salvage the one canning panel, then install our chicken wire fencing along the entire length. Let’s get to it!

The panel was held in place with a spine along all four sides. The side rails and corner bracing were glued as well as being held in by screws. Since I could not gain any better access, it was time to get creative. ??


Remember when I said “no problem”? Apparently side #4 had a different opinion. Here you can see not only both braces getting in the way but also a rail for most of the length.

Without access to either end of the spine, I found myself cutting into the spine along the length and working it out in much smaller pieces. I found needle nose pliers were just the right tool to get a grip on this 1/4” material.

By slowly working the screwdriver blade under the spine while gently pulled upward on the panel, I was able to gain the ground I needed.

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I could have just cut the panel out and moved onto the rest of the project. Instead I decided to take 30 mins to retain a nice panel for yet another project. I might not know the history of this project piece, but I feel it has character and just needed some UPCYCLING charm to help it in its next life. Please weigh in.

Would you had taken the time to preserve this piece or just cut it out?

Here you can see the chicken wire stretched alone the underside of the table. My trusty tin snips easily cut right though those wires and my Stanley T-58 stapler had the power to drive in 3/8” staples into that aged wood.

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