And the Number One Question . . . How do I consign?

The number one question we get here at Conshy Consignment:

How do I consign?

Every consignment shop is a little different, so we are going to specifically address how we consign here at Conshy Consignment. No matter where you consign, please make sure you are comfortable with the terms of consignment. There are plenty of options out there for selling your items, there is no reason to settle for terms you are not comfortable with!

Consignment means you, the consignor, gives goods to Conshy Consignment to sell on your behalf.  The consignor receives a percentage of the sale at the end of the consignment period.  Conshy Consignment consigns for a 60 day period, and offers commissions starting at 40%.

Since we are an online store, we offer a free pick up service to most locations in Eastern Pa (Scranton, Lehigh Valley, Philadelphia areas).  Just send us a message via text or email to confirm your items are acceptable for consignment.  Once we determine if your items have good resale value (see our website for more details), we will schedule a pick up (we have movers for furniture items).

At your consignment appointment, you will sign our consignment contract, provide your contact information for online access, and let us know where you would like your check sent at the end of the 60 days.

Conshy Consignment does all the work from here . . . you can follow along with real time access to your account or you can just sit back and cash your check at the end of the 60 days.  The choice is yours.

Stay tuned for details on maximizing your earnings, top earning items, and a video of a standard consignment appointment!


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