Found Our Lost Marbles . . .

Jars of Marbles

The interesting thing about consignment is, as a business owner, you get to research and learn a lot of neat things. The sometimes frustrating thing is that you just don’t know what your next research project will be and seldom do you have control over what comes in and what you will be learning about next.  Yes, we have some experts we call upon for common items . . . but we also have a responsibility to our consignors to validate the research, authenticate the items, and understand the market.

Yes, this is enough to make us lose our marbles sometimes!

Sometimes after hours of research and authentication, we end up with a lot of disappointment in the value of an item.  Sometimes, those hours of research and authentication lead us to a big payoff.

If you haven’t guessed,  our research project is marbles!  After reading this great article on Mental, we couldn’t be more excited.  I don’t think we have any marbles of great value . . . but we won’t know until we put the time in!

Click Here to see what we have in stock marble-wise!


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