Get Started Getting Organized!

Way before you think about consigning, you must think about sorting and organizing!

We caught up with Angie Dahlman of Organize Your Biz and were curious about how she got started sharing her organizing talents:


How did you get into this business?

“​ I have always loved organizing and have helped family and friends with it for years. One day, I started helping a woman who ran a cleaning business out of her home, convert her business from paper to electronic. When I arrived at her home, it was extremely cluttered. We couldn’t begin the conversion until we organized her entire home. After getting her organized, I was able to help her find the appropriate paperwork needed to convert her paper documents to electronic. I loved seeing the entire transformation and knew this is what I wanted to continue doing.  ​”

What is your main source of clients?

​ “My main source of clients are clients making life changes, such as moving and downsizing. I help with packing and unpacking. Most of my clients who are downsizing are getting ready to move, but I also have those who are simply de-cluttering and downsizing their current home, so they do not leave such a large burden on their kids. I also have a high demand for clients who need help organizing paperwork and creating filing systems. I was in the finance industry for over 10 years prior to owning my business, so I am very familiar with what documents you should keep on file and those you are able to shred or recycle.”

Most rewarding part of job?

“​I absolutely love finishing a job and seeing how much more space my client has gained, how much easier it will be to maintain and the relief I see on their face. It’s an amazing feeling for myself and my clients.”

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