How to Organize Your Biz

Way before you think about consigning, you must think about sorting and organizing!

This is a question we are asked frequently at Conshy Consignment: how do I get started?  We caught up with Angie Dahlman of Organize Your Biz and got a professionals opinion:

What would your advice be to someone really overwhelmed and doesn’t know how to get started?

Angie of Organize Your Biz says  . . .

“​ I always tell my clients that you must first

(1) ​Make a list of the areas that need organized.

(2) Choose an area that you have time to complete, start to finish.

(3) Get 4 large heavy duty garbage bags or large boxes and label each as ‘Recycle’, ‘Trash’, ‘Shred’ and ‘Donate’.

You have already decided to make the change and get organized. Therefore, when sorting through your items, remember to make quick decisions. Do NOT overthink it​!​

​Place those items you don’t want in one of the 4 bags or boxes.

(4) Once you are finished with one area immediately take the bag/box to the trash or recycle.

If it’s shred, you can take it to Staples or FedEx and they will shred it for you or put in near your own shredder and choose a day to shred. If it’s donate items, I always recommend putting them in your car and dropping them off when it’s convenient. That way it’s not sitting in the room you just completed and tempting to go through and reconsider.​ That is the most effective way to get started!”

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