Milestones! It’s the Little Things


When you work by yourself and really have only virtual interactions, it can be fun to set little goals to celebrate.  In my world, it is the number of listings we stop and take a moment to celebrate!

When we first started, I clearly remember hitting 100 listings,  it was so exciting!  Then at 200, we were over the moon!

Well yesterday, we hit 3000 unique listings on ebay!

This is really quite an amazing place to be.  When we closed the brick and mortar store, we had anticipated reopening when we found the perfect spot.  We kept the online business growing while looking for a new store front; it began to seem as though we didn’t need the store front.
Now, at 3000 listings, we have confirmed that online works and we will continue working for our consignors in this way.

What are you working toward and celebrating?


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