Putting Coconut Oil on a Pedestal . . .

Yes, we mean that we are putting coconut oil on a pedestal both literally and figuratively.  We asked and you answered.

Picked up two cool things at Snyder’s Second Chances this weekend: 1) an antique oak pedestal 2) a tip to try coconut oil to buff and polish furniture

We aren’t quite sure how the longevity will be on this coconut oil polish, many webistes have recommended a homemade furniture polish, mixing lemon juice and coconut oil.  Living Traditionally gives a brief description.  We may give this a try next because we love the results we got polishing with something we have around the house (yes, Ken buys in bulk).

In asking if anyone tried this yet, we got some other ideas from followers:  Brian Butch Coll said if the finish didn’t last to try a butcher block treatment, and Althea Kuniegel said linseed oil is the best!  Follow the conversation on Facebook, or send us a comment.  Personally, I can say I have used paste wax, but so far, I prefer coconut oil as it went on easier, and didn’t have a strong smell.



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