Top Five Reasons to Shop with Conshy Consignment

  1. Family Owned, Small Business:  Every purchase that you make with Conshy Consignment benefits the local economy and gives you connections to your friends and neighbors that also shop locally.  You are part of our Conshy Consignment family!
  2.  Green : Not only will your friends be green with envy of your recent finds, you are reusing and recycling, giving products a new home and life and keeping them out of the waste stream.
  3. Charitable:  Check out our Facebook page! Our “Conshy Connects” program benefits local people, from the high school drama club to the local library.  Make sure your organization is registered and earning today!
  4. Great Prices:  Have you been looking for a special pair of shoes or purse thats way out of your budget? Conshy Consignment lists new items daily so you can always be on trend at a great price!
  5. Incredible Customer Service:   At Conshy Consignment, we love to provide you the customer service you deserve. Shopping at a small, family owned business definitely has its advantages!

-submitted by Emma Broggi (a member of the Conshy Consignment Family)

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