Update: It took a lot of coats!

We had embarked a few months ago on doing our mudroom as a consignment drop off and pick up.  See our previous post for before pictures!

Since we didn’t have much time or extra funds, we are facing some challenges.  The first was the purple trim on all the windows!  It took about 5 coats to cover each of these very beat up window and door frames.  I used all excess paint we had around the house from our move last year, and dedicated one hour every morning to this space.  Yes, it took a month to paint, but the painting is done!

Today is flooring day!  With the help of our design consultant, Molly Liska, we selected some sheet vinyl by Mannington in a wrought iron pattern.   Apparently, lineoleum has come a long way and was our best bet for a concrete slab with pets in the mix!  It is making a comeback!  Of course, Ken wanted to do it all himself, but the time involved was too intense.  So, Crest Flooring is on the job!  Ken had used Crest Flooring in the past with good results, and who doesn’t love to support a local business?

Mud Room in Process

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