New and Improved

Hi Conshy Consignment family!

Spring is in full swing! With the warm weather and excitement in the air, we decided this would be a great time for some spring cleaning. That’s exactly what we’re doing. Soon, we’ll be bringing you a new and refreshed consignment experience- here’s what you need to know

Monthly themes

With such a large inventory, it’s never easy for you to see ALL of the amazing items we have in stock. By featuring a specific theme on our social media (anything from summer to dogs!) we’ll be able to make sure that our content is curated in a way which allows you to see the very best of what we have to offer you, and even special sales we might have on the items within this theme.

Conshy Connects is back!

Some of you might remember the days of our Conshy Connects sidewalk sales, where we helped raise money once a month for all different causes. We’re ready to bring this to online sales! Each month we (with your help!) will pick a charity related to our monthly theme, who will receive a percentage of sales! It’s important for us to give back, and we’d love for you to do it with us!

Want to keep donating?

Want to continue to raise money for a charity after its sale ends? It’s easy! When consigning, be sure to specify that you want the profits from anything sold donated to one of these charities (or any that you might choose) and we’ll be happy to see that they recieve it.

Thanks for supporting us in this new era of Conshy Consignment! We’re excited for all of you to join us in making a difference in our community- and the world- through the power of consignment.


All of us at Conshy Consignment

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